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Pillar Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (PIME) is a leadership and entrepreneurship development institute located in the PILLAR Campus, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. With the vision of being a premier institution that caters to the leadership and entrepreneurship development needs of the country, PIME was established in 2017.


Developing leaders and value creators for tomorrow

Elaborately, each component of our vision statement means the following:


• We are passionate about helping individuals identify and cultivate their innate potential for leadership and value creation.


• Leaders influence. We endeavor to equip our participants with the requisite knowledge, leadership behavior, and attitude so that they can make a constructive impact on others from their unique area of gifting. 

Value Creators

• Value creators possess a win-win mindset. We aspire to motivate our participants towards building relationships, working as a team, adding value through positive decisions and actions for the betterment of their organizations as well as the society.

For tomorrow

• We take a farsighted approach that focuses on long-term sustainable success and strive to instill the same in our participants. 



We exist to promote leadership and entrepreneurship by

  • Creating opportunities for participants to gain an insider's perspective of today's organizations and the competitive marketplace

  • Offering participant-centered training that helps participants internalize key concepts, principles, and theories which are crucial for their personal and professional success

  • Opening avenues for applying knowledge in simulated as well as real-life contexts to comprehend the implications of strategies and thereby sharpening participants' strategic thinking and decision making

  • Providing learning opportunities to effectively harness not only the power of technology but also the power of cross-cultural collaboration for organizational excellence

  • Placing a premium on personal integrity and societal concern that drives our participants toward untapped opportunities, embracing change and challenges

Go Team


We uphold these values:

  1. Dignity  We affirm every individual's inherent worth and unique gifting

  2. Responsibility  We encourage stewardship of personal endowments and societal resources

  3. Cooperation  We promote collaboration and sharing for the sake of the common good

  4. Renewal  We seek to bring continual replenishments in people's minds and spirits, enabling them to realize their life's mission

  5. Action  We believe in vibrantly responding to the needs of the community

  6. Reverence  We see the sacred in the 'ordinary'

  7. Diversity  We work to build an ethos that cherishes inclusivity and diversities

"The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavourable."

C. S. Lewis


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Pillar Campus, Pillar Salai, Nagamalai, Madurai - 625 019

Tamil Nadu, India

To know more about the facilities available in campus, visit www.pillar.center

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