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Boys at School

School Students

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College Students

Team Meeting



For School Students

Unique You: Understanding Personality Differences

A lack of understanding of one’s unique endowments often results in lower self-esteem, poor relationships, and subdued performance.

This program will help participants

  • Gain an understanding of their

    uniqueness through insights from

    Personality Psychology

  • Appreciate the uniqueness of their


  • Learn to operate from their strengths

Strengths-Based Career Development

With a wide range of career options available, students may find it challenging to identify a career path that would ideally suit them.

This program will help participants

  • Understand their strengths and


  • Acquire an awareness of the needs

    around them

  • Make informed career choices

Study Skills for Academic Success

In today’s highly competitive academic environment, being successful is a matter of knowing and using the right methods and techniques. A lack of awareness of good study techniques leaves a student at a disadvantageous position.

This program will help participants

  • Understand a wide range of methods for

    effective study

  • Choose a method that would suit them

  • Receive the necessary motivation to

    succeed academically


For College Students

Focus: Writing a Personal Purpose Statement

Internet explosion has brought knowledge and information from all fields to one’s fingertips. But, self-knowledge continues to be one of the most difficult to acquire. An assisted self-discovery process would place individuals at an advantageous position in their lives and careers.

This program will help participants

  • Learn the importance of personal

    purpose statements in assisting their

    decision-making process

  • Understand the process used by highly

    successful people in identifying their

    life’s purpose.

  • Craft their personal purpose

    statement and receive expert feedback

Honing Communication Skills

Under the traditional academic system, except in language studies, not much attention is given to hone students’ communication skills.

This program will help participants

  • Understand crucial barriers to effective


  • Acquire effective tools and strategies to

    overcome those barriers

  • Develop a personal plan for continual


Body Language for Effective Communication

An understanding of nonverbal communication enables individuals better comprehend what others are communicating. It also helps an individual in making his or her communication effective.

This program will help participants

  • Familiarize themselves with the nuances of body language

  • Create a positive atmosphere in their interactions with others

  • Supercharge their communication with

    effective use of nonverbal communication

Sharpening Group Discussion Skills

Most selection processes, both for higher education and jobs, incorporate a group discussion. Learning to effectively participate in a group discussion is thus very important.

This program will help participants

  • Learn the dos and don’ts of

    participating in a group discussion

  • Acquire the ability to evaluate

    individuals taking part in a group


  • Accumulate strategies to become an

    active member of group discussions

Acing the Interview

Proper presentation in an interview is a crucial determinant of success. Formal academic curriculum often does not have space for such training.

This program will help participants

  • Get exposed to important

    considerations in their preparation for a

    job interview

  • Prepare their resume and receive

    expert feedback

  • Take part in a mock interview and

    receive expert feedback

Creativity and Innovation Workshop

Every individual has an inherent source of latent creative ideas. Use of appropriate tools can harness such ideas for the benefit of many.

This program will help participants

  • Bring forth new ideas from the wealth

    of creative ideas that are hidden in them

  • Learn methods to keep harnessing from

    their creative energy

  • Choose pursuable ideas and develop them into innovations for the benefit of many

Making Powerful Presentations

Making powerful presentations are required of most managers. An understanding of the principles to be followed to make a presentation informative and interesting would immensely help college students.

This program will help participants

  • Learn the dos and don’ts of making

    persuasive presentations

  • Develop a suitable roadmap for them to

    make their presentations informative

    and interesting

  • Gain expert feedback on the

    presentations they make at the workshop

Entrepreneurship Development Workshop

Students considering entrepreneurship as a career option need to be exposed to the scope, avenues, and challenges associated with entrepreneurship in the present context.

This program will help participants

  • Gain an awareness of entrepreneurial

    skills needed to succeed as an

    entrepreneur today

  • Gain an awareness of the resources and

    support systems available in the

    country to promote entrepreneurship

  • Understand the importance of

    developing an effective business plan


For Corporates

Building Active Teams

A team’s goal attainment is strongly influenced by team dynamics. Establishing healthy relationships within and between teams are vital for organizational success.

This program will help participants

  • Understand the importance of achieving

    a win-win situation

  • Appreciate the differences among team

    members and the need for varied skillsets to achieve organization’s objectives

  • Gain the needed motivation to work together as a team toward the shared common goal

Authentic Leadership Development

Training promising team members as leaders is important for an organization’s succession planning.

This program will help participants

  • Recognize the need for authentic

    leadership development

  • Identify areas of leadership potential

    within them

  • Chalk out a plan of action to work on

    improving their leadership skills

Goal Setting and Time Management

Lack of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound goals is the reason for many failures in organizations. Helping executives set SMART goals and manage time effectively would be highly beneficial in attaining organizational aspirations

This program will help participants

  • Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable,

    Relevant, and Time-Bound goals

  • Learn effective tools to invest time

    towards the accomplishment of their


  • Prepare a timeline to achieve their set

    goals and establish checks and balances to monitor their progress periodically

Honing Negotiation Skills

A skilled negotiator adds enormous value to an organization.

This program will help participants

  • Set their ‘would have’ and ‘must have’


  • Sharpen their persuasion skills

  • Resolve conflicts proactively so that a

    very high value is created for the organization

Crisis Management

The damage caused by a crisis is higher when there is a lack of preparedness towards the management of crisis of any sort. Proper preparation can thwart, to a large extent, the negative effects of most crises.

This program will help participants

  • Learn from crisis management case

    studies of the past

  • Gain an awareness of measures to be

    taken when dealing with a crisis

  • Develop a level of preparedness

    towards crisis management by incorporating necessary precautions as they design organizational policies, and procedures

Stress Management

Today’s highly demanding workplaces create an enormous psychosocial cost to their employees. Identification of stressors and an acquaintance with strategies to deal with those stressors will reduce the harmful effects of stress in individuals.

This program will help participants

  • Identify stressors that have a

    detrimental effect on them

  • Acquire strategies to deal with the

    specific stressors they face at work as

    well as at home

  • Venture into a lifestyle of growing in


Managing Oneself

An individual’s productivity is directly proportionate to his or her ability to manage himself or herself. Use of appropriate principles of self-management can be of great help to executives.

This program will help participants

  • Acquaint themselves with established

    principles of Self Management

  • Perform a SWOT analysis on themselves

    and carve out methods to take advantage of their strengths in utilizing the opportunities around them while dealing with their weaknesses and threats

  • Place themselves in areas where they can be of utmost utility

Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence

Research over the years has repeatedly shown that an individual’s performance is largely influenced by emotional and social competencies. Being a developable competency, emotional and social intelligence training not only would improve an individual’s performance but also his or her well-being.

This program will help participants

  • Gain an understanding of key emotional

    and social competencies for heightened

    performance and well-being

  • Identify aspects of emotional and social

    abilities they amply posses and harness

    the same

  • Deal with areas where they possess lower emotional and social abilities

Crafting Vision, Mission, and Values

Strategic planning is an important determinant of an organization’s growth, influence, and profitability. Following a structured approach to frame an organization’s aspiration has a long-term impact.

This program will help participants

  • Learn the dos and don’ts of crafting effective mission, vision, and values

  • Develop their organization’s vision, and mission statements; and values

  • Get expert feedback on their organizational aspirations

Customer Experience Management

Services organizations can differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering superior customer experiences. A thoughtfully planned approach to customer experience management can help organizations achieve customer delight.

This program will help participants

  • Set appropriate Customer Expectations

  • Design strategies and procedures to

    offer services commensurate with the

    set expectations

  • Ensure the fulfillment of customer

    expectations as well as the continual management of the same

Customer Relationship Management

Research has repeatedly shown that retaining an existing customer is six times less costly than attracting a new customer. Managing customer relationships and building loyalty is thus very crucial.

This program will help participants

  • Develop a customer relationship

    management program for their


  • Prepare specific processes and

    procedures to implement the program

  • Set periodic monitoring procedures to

    assess the effectiveness of the program and its result as measured in customer loyalty

Service Blueprinting

Operations in a service organization have a unique set of challenges because of the intangibility of services. A service blueprint will be a vital resource in successful operations management of service organizations.

This program will help participants

  • Take a scientific approach towards recording the people, processes and physical evidences associated with the offering of their services

  • Build a service blueprint for the services offered by their organization

  • Implement the same

Business Plan Development

New business initiatives, as well as new entrepreneurial ventures, are in need of a robust business plan.

This program will help participants

  • Gain an understanding of the various

    components of a successful business


  • Develop a business plan for the business

    venture they plan to initiate

  • Get expert feedback on revising their

    business plan and finalizing it

Project Management

Projects, which are time bound, need a specialized approach to ensure that all stakeholder expectations are fulfilled.

This program will help participants

  • Understand the nature of project

    management and the key elements

    associated with it

  • Gain the needed tools to profitably and

    timely manage their projects

  • Understand the use of sound feedback

    mechanisms for successful project implementation

Change Management

The changing business environment necessitates change within organizations. Not winning people over is often the major reason for the failure of many change initiatives.

This program will help participants

  • Understand the importance of taking a planned approach towards change

    management in their organizations

  • Develop a phased approach to change

    that would involve the people of the


  • Prepare the needed feedback

    mechanisms to foolproof the success of their change initiatives

Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Small enterprises may not have an exclusive marketing department, but they, however, need a robust marketing strategy to stay relevant.

This program will help participants

  • Understand the importance of a

    marketing plan for their organization and also the various elements of a successful marketing strategy

  • Develop a marketing strategy for their organization

  • Receive expert feedback on the marketing strategy developed

Family Business Management

Family businesses have their own set of challenges. Certain aspects of professional management can help family businesses to a great extent.

This program will help participants

  • Transition into the role of being a business leader

  • Grow their businesses by identifying newer avenues for expansion

  • Incorporate suitable professional management principles into their business for excellence

Managerial Skills for Organizational Success

Managers at supervisory positions should possess certain skills to motivate their employees to achieve higher performance.

This program will help participants

  • Identify an authentic approach towards

    leading their teams

  • Maintain a high-performance culture

    within their team by providing requisite

    resources and support to the members

  • Keep their employees motivated to

    achieve the goals and objectives of their team

Disruptive Innovation for MSMEs

Small enterprises can be disruptors of large players in an industry. An understanding of the principles of disruptive innovation can be a vital input in such an endeavor.

This program will help participants

  • Get exposed to disruptive innovation

    processes adopted in various industries

    across the globe

  • Develop a disruptive innovation

    strategy for their organization

  • Present their disruptive innovation

    strategy and receive valuable inputs

Event Management

Managing successful events require adequate planning and proper implementation. Event managers and others involved in conducting various events would benefit from this focused program.

This program will help participants

  • Apply project management principles to

    plan large scale events

  • Set checks and balances to ensure

    seamless implementation of their plans

  • Develop crisis management strategies

    to be well prepared for unforeseen contingencies


For Teachers and Trainers

Strengths-Based Teaching

There are not many formal means for schoolteachers to get exposed to the recent research and development in teaching and learning.

This program will help participants

  • Acquire an awareness of recent

    research on individual differences in


  • Identify differences in their students’

    learning styles

  • Customize their teaching-learning

    process to bring out the best in each one of their students

Train the Trainer Workshop

Teachers and trainers need to be exposed to the wealth of resources available to make their training and development programs result oriented and engaging. They also can take advantage of the recent research in training and development.

This program will help participants

  • Understand the importance of training needs assessment

  • Make use of the myriad of resources

    available to plan an effective training

    and development program

  • Implement a successful training and

    development program and receive feedback to ensure that the set objectives are met

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